12 Oct 2007


Holly is very shy so piccies are hard to get of her, she wimps out when the camera appears.
Abby in seductive mood

Our mate Sally chilling at home

Abby chilling

29 Sep 2007

Nothing much happening

Not a lot happening at the moment.Stomach bug been doing the rounds we both got it went to the vets got starved for 36hrs got fed on yummy chicken and rice (well the chicken was nice). Usual antibiotics, kaolin tablets. Holly recovered I had to go twice to vets before I was rid of bug, consequently looking very slimline at moment. Holly and I were on our daily tour of the fields this morning (Walkies) and I was checking for rabbits,squirrels, anything furry that moves, Holly was trotting along up front when Mom saw a rabbit, before I did, (she's getting better than I am these days-since the rabbit incident)anyway this tiny rabbit was literally sitting in the middle of the path we were walking on, so Mom stamped her feet, clapped her hands to frighten the rabbit away. This little rabbit pricked its ears and looked away from us but still sat there. Holly wondering what was going on saw the rabbit and gave chase, it was no more than 6foot away from her, this tiny little rabbit started to run but it ran towards Holly. Do you know what Holly did, she tucked her tail between her legs and ran away, scared of a teeny weeny little rabbit I am so ashamed of her, the big coward. Furthermore Mom told her what a good girl she was (once Holly had stopped running away that is) Holly is such a wimp!!!
Harry introduced us to his little pal Sally and Holly gets on very well with Sally but she's a bit wary of me because I've got this awful muzzle on (and Mom reckons I'm a thug anyway) just because I want to play doesn't make me a thug, admittedly Sally could probably walk underneath me without any problem but that's not my fault is it?
That's all for now,
woof soon,
wags and kissy licks

13 Aug 2007


Mom doesn't love me anymore

Holly and I were going for a walk with mom by a the local lake, enjoying the sunshine,( as you do) climbing up a few steps back to the car park when I spotted a rabbit. Of course being a lurcher I just couldn't resist. I took off in pursuit, pulled the extending lead out of mom's hand (she nearly went a pearler) and disappeared into the brambles. Mom looked everywhere she could, I could hear her calling but when you are in pursuit you can't "hear" a thing can you?

Anyway Holly knew where I was and, once mom stopped panicking, led her to me. I had got my lead entangled in the brambles, mom managed to get hold of the handle and insisted I came out through the brambles (mom wasn't going to let go in case I bolted). But I had caught the rabbit and I wasn't going to let go so I dragged the rabbit with me while mom tried to clear a path through the brambles eventually I appeared but had to drop the rabbit, it's hard work gripping a rabbit through a muzzle, but I did. Hence mom thinks I pounded the poor rabbit with my muzzle as there was no blood, so she's not talking to me now. But she did bathe my eyes and remove several thorns afterwards so perhaps she might still love me, what do you think?

Love Abby